Dental emergency in Neuchâtel

urgence dentaire dentiste Neuchatel

Dental emergency in Neuchâtel

The patient first!

Our doctor dentist, Dr. Agnès Gabay has arranged his schedule to be able to receive your dental emergencies every Mondays and Tuesdays. We are thus able to take care of you to relieve your dental pain and restore your smile aesthetics.

Good to know

A pain due to an untreated caries, a dental crown that is loosened, a tooth hypersensitivity that becomes unbearable, and a tooth that breaks during a shock. A composite or an old seal that is peeling off, gums that begins to bleed profusely. These are all good reasons and signals that should warn you to consult a dentist urgently.
In order to take care of your dental emergency in the best conditions, we advise you to follow these basic recommendations:

  1. First reflex ; keep if possible your tooth or fragment in your mouth, in contact with saliva, until your dentist can consult you. If this is not possible or you are afraid to swallow it, keep the fragment or tooth in saline during transport.
  2. Act quickly ; in case of an accident, you must go very quickly and come immediately to the office so that we can be able to treat you in the best conditions. Provide regular monitoring; after the emergency treatment, we will set a follow-up appointment for a few days-see-weeks. Subsequently, a check every 6 months is recommended.

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