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A calculation on a principle of points

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Each treatment in orthodontics and dentistry is calculated on a point principle. The total treatment cost is obtained by multiplying the value of the dental point (rate base) with the points number (acts). The value of the dental point in Switzerland usually ranges from CHF 3.10 to CHF 5.40.
We take care about the accessibility of quality and affordable care, the cost per point of the Lake Dental office is CHF 3.10 for orthodontic care and dentistry. For treatment plans, we suggest you to make an appointment to have a first personalized estimation without commitment.

Rate care
Simple dental check CHF 90.-
Simple dental check CHF 90.-
Dental check – With 2 radios CHF 115.-
Descaling CHF 120.-
Whitening (in the chair) CHF 600.-
Caries treatment (from) – With 2-sided filling CHF 250.-

For other treatments it’s on request

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