Restorative dentistry

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Restorative dentistry


What is the restorative?

The restorative dentistry is the term used to explain how we replace missing or damaged teeth. We repair and improve it. The goal is to give you a natural smile and anticipate potential more important problems.

What types of treatments?

There are several treatments available at our dentist. Among these are bridges, crowns and implants.

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A dental bridge covers or “fills” the empty spaces between the teeth. If you lose a tooth, your dentist may suggest a bridge that will allow other teeth to stay in place. Once the bridge is placed, it will work as a natural tooth.

A crown is like a tooth-shaped protective shell, which is placed on your damaged tooth. Crowns are used to strengthen and protect the dental structure. All our crowns are made of a solid substance that perfectly imitates the appearance of natural teeth.

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. An implant consists of two parts: a metal anchoring system and a false tooth.

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