Caries treatment

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Caries treatment


When the carious process reached the dentine, we talk about medium or deep decay depending on the size of the cavity. Durable medium to large cavity dental restorations favor the use of inlays or onlays ceramic. We prefer this type of indirect obturation to the establishment of composite in a direct way. Only an indirect restoration can ensure aesthetics and functionality (contact points).

Additional information on caries treatment

this procedure is used to permanently restore a tooth when the cavity to be filled is too large. This type of decay may also exist under an almost intact enamel surface.
the treatment stop the progress of decay. In case of medium or deep decay untreated, the bacteria progress quickly and caries spreads so faster. The larger the lesion is, the greater the bacterial decomposition process of food debris will be.
The advantages are an ideal aesthetic result and a high mechanical resistance.
The treatment is done in two sessions: one hour to prepare the tooth and make an impression and an hour for the restoration installation. The tooth is prepared by the dentist who will also take the dental cavity impression allowing the dental technician to perform the ceramic restoration in the laboratory. After the first appointment, the tooth will have a temporary filling. At the next session, the dentist will glue the inlay or onlay. If many teeth are to be treated, local anesthesia or sedation is carried out.
A dental examination must be performed as well as radiography.
The tooth can be solicited immediately after the installation of the restoration. Any sensitivity felt during the first days will gradually decrease.

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