Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening


Dental bleaching is the chemical treatment for obtaining whiter teeth. It involves the application of hydrogen peroxide in various forms. This treatment is safe and very conservative so it must be done by the dental hygienist or the dentist, because the concentrations used in hydrogen peroxide can be important. At the Neuchâtel dental office, Dr. Gabay Agnès will ensure your teeth whitening after your oral health routine check.

Additional information on tooth whitening

Bleaching is a treatment dedicated to adults only. The final teeth must all be erupted completely.
For a faster result, we offer bleaching to the chair. In cases of anterior devitalized teeth, we can proceed to internal whitening by the doctor.
A smile in all it’s whiteness! Some people no longer dare to smile and whitening helps to fix it. A beautiful smile attracts another.
Session of 2 hour includes photos and pre-bleaching, as well as explanations and recommendations. If the teeth are sensitive to cold, they will be previously desensitized by fluoridation.

The products used are among the latest products proven and clinically tested.

For best results, it is advisable to have healthy gums and teething without cavities. You must have done a descaling beforehand.
You will need to apply a fluoride for a given period. You are strongly recommended to limit certain drinks such as coffee, tea and not to smoke. You can do the bleaching when you feel the need, but in no case more than once a year.
No post-whitening complication is to be expected. Exceptionally, pain can be felt for up to 24 hours.

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