Dental veneers in Neuchâtel & Lausanne

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Dental veneers in Neuchâtel & Lausanne


To sublimate your smile, faceting by using dental veneers is the best way to achieve this. Thin ceramic shells sealed by adhesive technique replace the vestibular teeth enamel. Significant changes in color and / or shape can be obtained. This minimally invasive treatment is very conservative for the dental structure. It is performed by the dentist in close collaboration with the specialized ceramist technician.

Additional information on ceramic veneers

Indications include anterior teeth with dyschromia, superficial enamel defects, fractures, dysplasias, poor or unsightly alignment, aesthetically insufficient composite fillings. .
The dental ceramic facets are durable. At the same time as obtaining an esthetic improvement, they ensure the functional corrections and the teeth protection.
It provides an optimum aesthetics and an appearance identical to natural teeth.
It includes three sessions: the project study and realization of a wax up – mock up with the technician (test model in resin to prefigure the final result) the teeth preparation according to a size guide accurate, fingerprinting and, in the last stage, the facets collage.

A depth analysis of the models is essential. It allows a wax up, a mock up and very precise depth marks, keeping the teeth structure as much as possible, according to a size guide realized on the models of the final project. In addition to the impression taking, the shape and the hue will be defined jointly with the master ceramist and in full agreement with the patient. Final bonding is performed with sealing composites in accordance with the desired facet shade. Depending on the number of teeth treated, local or sedative anesthesia is performed.

A dental examination must be done beforehand, as well as radiography. An important carious activity will require prior treatment.
You can have a normal use of your teeth. Sensitivities are possible a few days after treatment.
Complications are rare, partial failures are repairable, total failures are exceptional and the facet will be redone. The treatment is not recommended in case of marked parafunction defects (bruxism, squeaks), very wide spaces between the teeth or if necessary a significant lengthening of the dental crown.
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