Ceramic crowns

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Ceramic crowns


The ceramic crown is an aesthetic dental prosthesis that improves the appearance and function of the tooth. It is the best solution when the losses of dental substances are too important (decay, fracture, old treatment). It covers the entire tooth too damaged or too fragile.

Additional information on the ceramic crown

We choose as far as possible for entirely ceramic crowns. They are ideal for covering a non-devitalized natural tooth and are suitable for patients with allergies to metals in the mouth. When the mechanical stresses are too great, metal-ceramic crowns are preferred. Gold, platinum, paladium are used for the core, covered by aesthetic ceramics. The frame is invisible.
In addition to its aesthetic qualities, in harmony with other teeth, the crown provides functional characteristics and longevity of the first order.
The result is perennial. The final embellishment is remarkable. The crown has the same appearance as a natural tooth, by its shape and color.
The treatment consists of two to sessions.

The dentist performs a first assessment, with dental examination and x-ray. The imprint made serves as a model of studies to create the crown. A temporary crown is laid. One to two weeks later, the permanent crown is permanently fixed. Depending on the number of teeth to be treated, local anesthesia or sedation is performed.

No prerequisite is necessary.
A crown cannot rot. However; the tooth itself may be exposed to tooth decay and periodontal disease. It is therefore a question of preserving the good dental hygiene methods.
The inconvenience and side effects are minimal. No complications are to be expected.
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