Having a beautiful smile is having self-confidence. The modern dentistry’s new techniques can restore your smile to its full brilliance. Under the Dr. Agnès Gabay’s expertise, dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry, a multidisciplinary dentists, dental surgeon and orthodontists team is at your service in our Neuchâtel dental office to offer you the full range of dental and orthodontic, up to the most advanced treatments, such as dental implants, ceramic facets and crowns, invisible dental appliances. At the dental office in Neuchâtel medical science combines with the craftsmanship and artistic work of talented technicians to offer you the best possible result.

Modern treatment concepts based on the latest scientific advances enable safe and complete restoration of oral health. At the Neuchâtel dental office; and in accordance with the precepts of the “synoptic school”; oral health, function and aesthetics are apprehended in a comprehensive and integrated way.

Our Aesthetic Dentistry treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more important in dentistry. To be able to give you a bright smile, we have partnered with the best dentists in Switzerland. We offer in our dental offices in Neuchâtel and Lausanne a range of high-end dental care. From tooth whitening, dental restoration to dental implants, dental veneers and ceramic crowns. Complemented by our expertise, invisible teeth alignment, we are able to give you the smile by transforming your teeth with hormonie.

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